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About me

I'm a digital content producer, front end developer and a freelance website designer focusing on CMS such as Drupal and Wordpress.

I like playing around with some digital stuff like taking photos of anything, making video for fun, do some animation with Adobe Illustrator and After Effecfs or play my electronic music or spinning my DJ controller at home quietly. Spare time is a luxury at the moment since the baby joined the family.

My formal degree is a Bachelor of Science in Biology majoring Marine Ecology but my passion changed to digital world not long after I finished the study. Started making website since 2004 and decided to be a freelance website designer in 2009 for small business in Darwin and still loving it. Beside making website for small businesses and organisations, I also have been working as content producer and webmaster at the seafood industry council, health organisation and latest one at the university.

Although it may sounds like spend all of my life in front of screen or indoor and don't get out off my desk a lot, I do play some sports and like outdoor activities. Living in the tropical of Australia is a perfect outdoor territory as there are not many other things to do indoor. Recently I have been spending my tiny bit of my weekends kayaking around Darwin water. and beautiful Roebuck Bay of Broome.

About that logo: if you google 'wayang Irawan', that where it's from.


What can I do?

Web skills

PHP 65
JavaScript 60
MySQL 50

Site and hosting tools

CPanel and VHM 70

Graphic design and UX

Adobe Photoshop 85
Adobe Illustrator 75
Adobe XD 80
Sketch 60
Adobe Lightroom 60
Gimp 50

Content Management System (CMS) skills

Wordpress Developer 85
Drupal Developer 65
Joomla! Developer 50

Agile Project Management Software

OrangeScrum (developer, scrum master, project onwer) 85
Redmine 80
Jira 85

Photography and Video skills

DSLR camera photography 85
Adobe Lightroom 75
DSLR videography 85
Adobe Premiere Pro 75
Adobe After Effects/Animation 65
Adobe Audition 50

Video production for work and fun

I use Adobe Suites for the following video productions. The clips were recorded mostly on DSLR camera and post processing with Adobe Premiere and After Effects

Charles Darwin University Security Team

Charles Darwin University SafeZone App

Charles Darwin University VC Speech - Education Community Precinct

Atauro - a slice of island living - Feb 2019

Adobe After Effects & Illustrator animation loop

Adobe After Effects & Illustrator explainer

Indah & Danang's Wedding

Numbulwar - Numburindi Festival 2017

Berry Springs Mango Festival 2017

Barunga Festival 2015

Parap Saturday Market Teaser

Contact, social and portolio

Website portfolios:
Top End Web Design Darwin, Kimberley and Broome

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